Team FocusRush – Official Rally Support Team


10/19/2015 – BIG BEAR LAKE, Calif.
Article by James Stanley
Photos by: Ted Seven

After successfully completing several LSG Rally events, it became clear that a support vehicle would be a great addition to the event. Just about every event that we have attended so far has seen at least one breakdown somewhere along the route. These breakdowns have ranged from charge pipes popping off, failed fuel pumps, blown fuses, and even the common flat tire. For the LSG Rally, Ghost Rider 2 event, Team FocusRush was the official Rally Support Team. We carried a full set of hand tools, hydraulic jack, impact wrench, first aid kit, flat repair products and a couple gallons of gas.

Near the end of the rally without any incidents, we thought our services wouldn’t be needed. Just as we decided to start to have a little fun in the twisties, murphy’s law kicked in and we got a flat. Thankfully, we had all the tools AND a full size spare tire to keep us going. With all the proper tools, we made quick work of the flat tire.

A few miles up the road after fixing the flat, we came across the BMW M3 dead on the side road in a turn out. We pulled over to see if we could help and come to find out that there was an issue with the fuel system that was beyond our ability to fix on the side of the road. The car was lowered significantly and had an aftermarket front bumper that would make it impossible to get onto a flatbed tow truck. In order to get this supercharged beast onto the flatbed, team FocusRush took on the task of removing the front bumper cover. It wasn’t easy, but we got it done!

Depending on the rally, we plan on continuing to be the official support team. More repairs to come! HA!