Something NEW from someone NEW for the MK1!


When the opportunity presented itself to try out a NEW product from a NEW vendor for the MK1 Focus, I jumped at the opportunity! It’s not a new idea and it has been done before, but it hasn’t really been a big seller here in North America due to shipping costs from across the Atlantic. This time, it’s different. This time, the cost is less, which brings it to a very reasonable total to your door.

The MK1 Focus SVT, ST170 or other models with the color matched mirror caps have the option of these new Carbon Fiber replacement caps from Mega Carbon in the UK.

Install is easy with just a bit of patients. Or a lot of patients, depending on how stubborn your OEM caps are during removal.

You’ll need the following tools and supplies:
– 4 small flathead screwdrivers
– Optional (hammer to smash off the cap if you get too frustrated. (Not recommended))


Step 1: Removal of the OEM CAP
This is a bit tricky, but can be done with a little patients. There are four tabs under the top portion of the cap that can be accessed from the mirror side. They were impossible to photograph in place, but the send image should help show you where they are. With the small flat screwdrivers, pry the tabs down, and leave the screwdriver there until all four are in place. From that point, then pull the top of the cap forward towards the front of the car gently. After a bit of applied pressure at first, it should just fall off after it clears all the tabs.

Step 2: Tape Application
Prep the surface by cleaning wit with alcohol and making sure that any left dust has been cleaned off. Once the surface is prepped, you can apply the first layer of 3m automotive grade double-sided tape. Add one strip across the top, center, and bottom, as well as a small strip on to fill the gaps on the inside. This is your base layer of tape. From this point, before removing the top of the tape, dry fit the cap into place to check the height. You will see that it does not match the height of the mirror frame. Keep adding layers of tape in each section until the height matches. In most cases, 3 layers of tape should give you a perfect match, depending on the thickness of the the tape.

Once the final layer tape is applied, peel back the last bit of the tape-back and carefully place the cap. Take your time to ensure proper placement. Once it’s down, press it firmly into place.


Step back and enjoy you new carbon fiber, #becauseracecar,  mirror caps.

If you’re interested in a set of these beauties for yourself, you can find the company at on facebook at:

Cost is projected to be about $92.00 + $18.00 shipping. Not bad for considering it’s coming from the UK! WORTH IT!