The Ever Confusing Blaupunkt


The Blaupunkt OEM Stereo head unit came in many 2003 Ford Focus’. It was perfect for the time period with it’s ability to red mp3 files off of CD’s which allowed for more songs on one disc. The sound quality was no different than any other OEM head unit since the speakers mated up to this headunit were the same as before.

Beyond the MP3 capabilities this stereo came with two unique features which were never advertised. The first of these hidden features was a hidden menu. Within this menu, you could adjust the BMT levels by frequency for each speaker and many others.

Here’s how you get to it:
– Hold the AM/FM and MENU and listen for the beep
– Let go and hit back for 2 seconds

Within the menu, you’ll find all these features that make it closer to an aftermarket headunit!
Alternative frequency during RDS operation:
the system will automatically look for a frequency
offering better reception of the same RDS program.

Reg ON/OFF = Some Radiostations have regional programmes. This means that the Radio will recieve those transmissions.

On the Blaupunkt site, I found Instructions for some of the functions but from a different Radio

Optimising radio reception (HICUT)
Treble cut in the presence of interference
The HICUT function improves the sound when radio reception is poor. When interference
is being received, the treble is automatically cut
“NO HICUT” means that the function is inactive, while “HICUT 3” indicates the strongest automatic reduction of treble and interference.

This device has a parametric digital equalizer. In this case, parametric means that in each of the three filters, one individual frequency can be emphasised or reduced (with a gain of +5 to -5 dB).
The following filters are available:
-LOW EQ 32 – 200 Hz
-MID EQ 250- 1,600 Hz
-HIGH EQ 2,000 – 12,500 Hz
These filters can be set without using any measuring instruments. It allows the sound properties in the vehicle to be significantly affected.
Adjustment instructions:
When setting the equalizer, we recommend you use a CD which you are familiar with. Before making any adjustments to the equalizer zero the tone settings and deactivate the loudness.
➮ Listen to a CD or an MP3
➮ Compare the sound you hear with how you feel it should be.
➮ Now consult the “Equalizer adjustment guide” table for “Tone impression”.
➮ Adjust the equalizer values as described under “Action”.
➮ To adjust the Frequency, turn the Enter button. To change the Gain, use the < and > keys. After changing the GAIN, press the Back button to return to the menu. When finished, press the Enter button to save the setttings.

Equaliser Adjusment Guide:

Problem: Bass too quiet: –> Bass Boost with Filter LOW EQ. Frequency 50-100 Hz Gain: +4 to +5 dB.

Problem: Bass sounds Muddy, Booming tone: –> Reduce lower middle tones with LOW EQ, MID EQ. Frequency 1.000 to 2.500 Hz Gain: -4 to -5 dB

Problem: Tone lacks depth, no stereo effect: –> Reduce middle tones MID EQ, HIGH EQ. Frequency 1.000 to 2.500 Hz Gain: -4 to -5 dB

Problem: Muffled Tone: Lack of clarity: Boost Trebble Tones with HIGH EQ Frequency 12.500Hz Gain: +2 to +4 dB

It saves it automatically. B4 leaving the Menu,I pressed the ENTER Button and it seemed to do the trick !!

Second Feature: Aux. Input
Many of us prefer to listen to streaming radio feeds from our phone. With this feature, you can!
Youtube has the best video to explain how this works.

For those that choose to use an aftermarket stereo, you may find that many stereo shops have the wrong information about your car.

Blaupunkt Equipped Focus’ have a unique wiring harness that can confuse many, and is different from the standard focus wiring harness. The correct one is this:

Metra 70-1784 Receiver Wiring Harness

Metra 70-1784 Receiver Wiring Harness


The Metra 70-1784. It can be confusing as this harness is most commonly used for VW’s.

** In this vehicle, the functions of the yellow and red wires in the wiring harness are reversed. The yellow wire supplies ignition power, and the red wire supplies constant power.

The other option is to purchase a new Blaupunkt head unit from Amazon. The advantage to this option is that no wiring harness is necessary and everything is plug-and-play. This is also the safest bet since many of the car’s functions for some odd reason are run through the stereo system, and this ensures that everything will work correctly. There are several to choose from for all types of audiophiles. In this photo, I chose the cost friendly Blaupunkt London head unit to replace a broken JVC head unit installed by the previous owner. Clean and simple with all of the standard functions you expect from a modern car stereo including USB port and 3.5mm jack. Cost: $108.00


James Stanley