P5 ST Among Classics

July 13th, 2014

The P5 ST was on display at the (get ready for a long title) 2014 5th Annual Vista Ford and Lincoln of Oxnard National Collector Car Appreciation Day in Thousand Oaks, CA. Under the Banner of Vista Ford, P5 dawned the Vista Ford Racing (VFR) Badging and was among the likes of classic Mustangs, Ford Raptors, and even a new Ford GT.

Later in the evening, P5 made it’s way to the mobile Dyno on site to see how much power was being put to the wheels. The crowd grew larger as the only front wheel drive car at the show made its way up the back side of the ramp, bypass valve making loud and aggressive ‘pssshhh’ noises the entire way up. The wheels spun quickly, and the Borla Exhaust shot out flames when the rev limiter was reached, and the crowd all moved in close to the monitor to see what this little 4-banger put out.  Many of the onlookers eye’s grew large to see that two liters of engine could make more torque than many of their stock V8’s.

Final numbers: 225hp – 320tq

While P5 was the only front wheel drive car in attendance, everyone agreed that the Focus ST is a future Collectable, and was right at home among the hundreds of beautiful classics.