SEMA | CJ Pony Parts Focus ST


Story and Photos By James Stanley


It’s the orange that Ford should have used from the beginning. It’s very similar to the orange used by Bojix two years ago on their SEMA Focus ST. It’s more vibrant, it’s loud, and unashamed to be orange. With the bright lights fixed on it from the ceiling, it almost looked like it was glowing from a distance. At first look, it seems to be just another, tint/wheels/drop build, but when you actually get to know the car, you realize that this car is show and go. It plays well into my philosophy of design where those from outside the circle have to ask what came stock, and what didn’t. This car has that kind of quality in its modifications. I’m most excited to see that they let the car’s lines speak for itself without stripes, without two tone anything, and no graphics to be seen anywhere on the hot orange.

It’s like the hot chick that is confident she looks good and doesn’t have a massive gallery of duckface selfies in a dirty bathroom, and at the same time, can run circles around you at gym.

Full disclosure, some of the most visual parts are the same brands I chose for my own personal car, like the fifteen52 wheels, and the wilwood brakes. Heck, the brakes on the car were design off of the P5ST! (Your Welcome CJPONYPARTS). With that out of the way, the car has been upgraded throughout. It’s show and go, it looks good and can hold its own without losing its streetability. A first of hopefully many quality Focus builds done quite well by CJPONYPARTS.

Base Vehicle

  • 2015 Ford Focus ST
  • 2.0L EcoBoost Engine
  • 6-Speed Manual Transmission


  • COBB Tuning
      • Stage 3 Performance Pack
      • Cold air intake
      • Downpipe
      • Full exhaust
      • Motor mount
      • Front-mount intercooler
      • Custom tune via Accessport V3 tuner
      • ATP upgraded turbo package


  • AirLift fully-adjustable suspension
  • COBB Tuning anti-roll bars
  • Wilwood 6-Piston, 14” front brakes
  • Wilwood 13” rear brakes

Wheels & Tires

  • Fifteen52 Tremac R43 (19” x 8.5”) wheels
  • Nitto NT01 (235/35R19) tires


  • House of Kolor Ultra Orange Pearl paint
  • Paint by GCR Auto
  • Custom CJ Pony Parts front splitter
  • Diode Dynamics LED lights
  • Street Scene side skirt splitters


  • Sparco Chrono Road seats
  • Diode Dynamics LED lighting