MK1 Rear Wiper Delete

This literally might be one of the easiest modifications you can do to clean up your MK1 focus’ hatch! Mega Carbon has come out with yet another great new product for the MK1 Focus in the form of a carbon rear wiper delete cap. The original wiper arm and blade looks too much like an after-thought on the back of the car and many of us have upgraded the rear blade to one from another vehicle for a more integrated and updated look. Even with the updated wiper arm, the lack of any type of concealment and the general bulkiness can still look out of place. In addition, for those of us that live in…. drought prone areas like Southern California, the rear wiper very rarely even sees any use.

In comes the Mega Carbon wiper delete! Rid the rear window of the wiper all together and adorn your glass with a spot of carbon, all while removing the wiper blade, arm, and motor to save yourself 5 pounds rattling garbage!

Step 1:

Look at your existing wiper. I mean, a really really good look and give it a final farewell as it will soon be trash:

Step 2:

Remove the wiper arm and blade by lifting nut shroud and using a 13mm socket to unscrew the nut. Once the nut is removed, gently pull on the entire wiper blade to remove.


Step 3:

Open your hatch and use a phillips head screw driver to remove the 4 screws holing the interior hatch trim in place. Once the four screws are removed, gently pull around the edges to remove.


Step 4:

Using an 8mm socket, remove the ground wire on the wiper motor and unplug the connector.



Step 5:

Continue with the 8mm socket and remove the three bolts holding the wiper motor in place and carefully remove.


Step 6:

Reconnect the ground wire once removed as it is part of the electrical system that controls the tail lights.


Step 7:

Close the hatch and remove the rubber grommet from the wiper hole. Once removed, clean the dirty hole.


Step 8:

Using gloves, roll the supplied putty into a rope/worm/fat spaghetti noodle/cylinder/whatever you want to call it, but make it like the picture below. (Tattoos are not required for this, or any of the steps)


Step 9:

Press the putty onto the back of the carbon cap and press the cap over the hole and center


Step 10:

Once in place, open the hatch and use the supplied washer and wing nut to secure the cap in place. (Be sure not to over tighten as it is possible to shatter the glass.)


Step 11:

Using a razor blade, clean off any putty that has seeped out from the edges of the carbon. (A seeping hole is never attractive)


Step 12:

Re-install the interior hatch trim, close your hatch and enjoy!


Its such a small simple product that can make a big impact on the aesthetics of your hatch by simplifying whats back there. The high quality which I have come to expect from Mega Carbon shows even in their smaller pieces such as this carbon cap, and is sure to draw attention, but only for all of the right reasons!

If you would like once for yourself goto: 

Price: £22.99

Quality: ★★★★☆
Price: ★★★★★
Value: ★★★★★
Functionality: ★★★☆☆
Aesthetics: ★★★★★