Who’s Racing Ford?

Article by Chris Dorsey

Tomorrow is the start of a weekend that is sure to deliver some crowd pleasing, hard core, fast action rally racing. Car manufactures from all over world will come together in Los Angeles, California. Serving as a Mecca in the car community, Los Angeles has been home to everything racing, from trophy trucks to rally racing, and this week the legacy continues. Heated battles between Subaru and Ford continue with scores to be settled. Ken Block seems to be in the sites of all drivers, but that of the Subaru team stands out. On August 23rd, in Daytona Florida, Block took second, placing Bucky Lasek just beneath him in the results. Third, in this group of drivers is nothing to be ashamed of. But even still the team from Vermont Sports Car has set one goal, to beat Ken Block. More Fords will be on the track than any other car this weekend. This kind of presence is what secures Ford’s reputation that they have earned in both racing and public sales.

Ken Block and the Ford team have earned 561 points, in the shadows is Volkswagen with a mere 330 points as it tries to chase the winning team. The manufacturers championship is scored based on the total wins by the Ford Fiesta. The car features the spec 2.0 liter required in the GRC class. With 600 horsepower and 550 foot pounds of torque strapped to a racing machine that weighs around 2,800 pounds you get 0-60 in a time that mocks formula one cars…under 2 seconds. The all wheel drive rally car is built specifically for racing, much like its competitors, but what makes it special are the teams that bring it victory.

Out of the 20 drivers scheduled to race, eight will be in Fords. Steve Arpin, Nelson Piquet, Austin Dyne, Patrik Sandell, Joni Wiman, Brian Deegan, Ricky Johnson, and crowd favorite, Ken Block. While all of them try and set lap times, and try beating the immediate competition, some have something more to prove. Ken’s on going battle with the Subaru team will make for good racing. Bucky Lasek and Travis Pastrana are worthy competitors. Two huge names coming together in Los Angeles will give a good show. In past years Pastrana has dominated every sport that he can touch. His record stands with 1 overall win, 2 podium finishes, and 110 supercar series points. Stepping into the world of Rallycross and that especially of Ken Block isn’t easy, but if there is one person that Ken should look out for, it’s Travis.

He rarely needs an introduction, his name carries more weight and legacy than most in the automotive world, Block looks to take the win this weekend in LA. One overall win, four podiums and 185 supercar points overall leaves Ken as one of the most decorated Ford drivers second only to Deegan.

Last month Ford took some heavy beatings in Charlotte North Carolina, when the Subarus took the lead out of the gate forcing Patrick Sandell into the barriers and he was taken out of the race. Only two Fiestas remained on the track the rest of the event. Although racing wasn’t just tough on the Ford team. Team Subaru was given some heavy blows during the qualifying laps. With Lasak into a wall and Sverra sliding out, they both had to use the Last Chance Qualifier to make it into the finals. Although Sverra was the only one that could make it.

Taking second after tough racing is the kind of thing that we hope to see this weekend. The Ford team will have its hands full but hopefully it’ll play out in our favor.

James Stanley