Bojix ST Vs. Shelby ST

The automotive media has been a buzz over the unveiling of the new 2013 Ford Focus ST that bares the Shelby Name. Shelby American, Inc., a division of Carroll Shelby International (CSBI.PK), unveiled on Jan. 15, 2013 its new 850 horsepower 2013 Shelby GT500 Super Snake “Wide Body” as well as the new performance tuned Shelby Focus ST at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, MI. While the media wrote story after story, praising the Shelby ST for its appearance, performance, and Shelby name, no one caught the true story, the story that the increased performance over the factory ST is negligible and the appearance is a poor, poor, poor, did I mention poor, knock off of the 2013 Bojix SEMA ST.

Let us compare:

Bojix: Custom Ferrari Metallic Orange
Shelby: Factory Orange

Winner: Bojix Design
Although both cars are essentially in the same color family, the Bojix Design ST has a darker, richer, more exotic appearance. When the Shelby is put up next to it, the Shelby just looks tired and faded.


Front Bumper
Bojix: Glossy lower grill and fog light bezels with a custom Bojix lower front splitter and color matched upper grill lines
Shelby: Glossy Carbon Fiber-ish lower fog light surrounds.

Winner: Bojix Design
As expected with Bjix Design, their new front splitter design flows with the car’s lines and becomes a piece that makes the untrained eye wonder ‘Did it come from the factory with that?’ while the Shelby front end modification says ‘fake carbon? someone watched to many rice racer movies”. Fake carbon… Really?

Bojix: Mustang Hood Vents (Color matched) with 3M Di-NOC center stripe
Shelby: Mustang Hood Vents with flat black vinyl center stripe

Winner: Bojix Design
We all can agree that the ‘Stang hood vents look right at home on the ST’s hood, but by having the contrast of the body color vents over the textured black Di-NOC, the vents become a feature versus the Shelby where it looks as if they’re attempting to hide the vents.

Bojix: Di-NOC Wrap
Shelby: Sunroof

Winner: Draw
Visually, the Bojix car looks better, but the added sunroof option on the Shelby ST is a nice added touch. To bad Shelby didn’t have anything to do with it.

Side Graphics
Bojix: Custom Bojix/Ecoboost checkered flag lower stripe
Shelby: Custom Shelby checkered flag lower stripe

Winner: Bojix Design:
The Bojix graphics have a nicer curve and flow which truly follow the contours of the side of the car where as the Shelby graphics look very two-dimensional and don’t follow any lines. Also, the flat black graphics on the Shelby just look, well, flat.

Let just move it along here….
Winner: Bojix
The custom touch of the three body color matched inserts on the wheels give the wheels a real custom look while tying them in with the car where as the Shelby wheels have no personality.

Winner: Bojix
Although I like the shaved hatch strip on the Shelby better, it’s ruined by what looks like AutoZone stick-on bling letters that spell out Shelby. Why so Big?

Winner: Draw
The Bojix exhaust sounds great with a nice throaty tone, but the Borla exhaust on the Shelby sounds better. To bad Shelby didn’t make it…

I don’t want to get into the interior or under the hood to help save Shelby from a little embarrassment. It truly is sad to see that such a great name in Ford history has been bastardized into this mimeograph copy of a car. Where the Bojix car shows passion and attention to detail, the Shelby looks slapped together, poorly planned, and flat.

Bojix: Have all of the Bojix mods on your car for under $5,000.00
Shelby: Have a numbered Shelby ST for an additional $15,000.00

James Stanley