Andrew Comrie-Picard and Team O’Neil Clinch the Rally America Two-Wheel Driver Championship at the New England Forest Rally



 DEARBORN, Mich., July 20, 2014 – A victory at the New England Forest Rally allowed Andrew Comrie-Picard (ACP) to clinch the Rally America Two-Wheel Drive class driver championship in his Ford Fiesta ST. A spectacular season has allowed ACP to earn the two-wheel driver top honors with two races still remaining.

 “We have had a terrific year. We won the last two events and this event worked out perfectly,” said ACP. “We crushed it, we led the event the entire way through and we knew there was a chance to lock up the championship here. The car was reliable, we could just drive, we could go as hard as we wanted and get everything out of the car. The car handles amazing. Winning the championship this early in the season, with two events left, is a terrific.  Bottom line is the Fiesta ST is a terrific rally car.”

This season ACP has finished every race within the top-three: three first-place, two second- place, and one third-place finish. The driver championship was the perfect way to cap off what has already been a remarkable year for ACP and Team O’Neil.

 “I am very happy with the result that the team has achieved with the Fiesta ST. This result shows the strengths of the car, strong and fast even in the stock form,” said Tim O’Neil, team director, Team O’Neil.

 ACP, who debuted the Fiesta ST at the Oregon Trail Rally in May, has shown that The Fiesta ST is more than capable of navigating the aggressive terrains of the Rally America events.

 “Ford Racing is proud of ACP and all of Team O’Neil for another championship season,” said Scott Denby, marketing and strategy manager, Ford Racing. “To develop and debut a new Fiesta ST and have immediate success is impressive.  When Ford Racing brought the Fiesta to Rally America in 2010, the goal was to make it the premier vehicle in the two-wheel drive class and add a few North American championships to Fiesta’s winning heritage globally.”

James Stanley