00-04 / 05-07 Front End Swap

As most of you know, the front ends between the 00-04 focus and the 05-07 focus is interchangeable. You cannot just swap one part at a time, as it will not fit. For Example, you cannot just put an SVT bumper on an 05-07 and expect it to fit. In order to do this swap, you have to do it all at once.

For the Purpose of this thread I’m going to call the 00-04 the MK1 and the 05-07 the MK2

No matter which direction you wish to go (MK1 to MK2 or MK2 to MK1) Here is the full list of part that you will need in order to do a complete swap.

1. Hood
2. Fenders
3. Front Bumper assembly (to include lower grills and fog lights)
4. Headlights
5. Grill*
6. Windshield washer fluid tank & pump (They sit on opposite sides of the car between the between the two designs)
7. Headlight bulb sockets / pigtails
8. Foglight bulb sockets / pigtails**
9. Hood latch
10. Some wire to extend the side marker light sockets (~$2.00)
11. Some new windshield washer fluid tubing (~$5.00)

* If you are going from a MK1 to a MK2 SAP front bumper, the grill is integrated into the front bumper assembly. (SAP – Street Appearance Package)

** Make sure you get the correct sockets for the fog lights for the bumper you are putting on i.e. SVT Fogs, Standard MK1 Fogs, Standard MK2 fogs, SAP fogs. If you car was not originally equipped with fog lights, check to see if there is wiring already in place as is the case with some foci. Otherwise, you can wire them in as you see necessary, and you can even utilize the factory headlight/foglight switch to do so. 

The hood latch isn’t 100% necessary, and can be a real big PITA to change. BUT, if you go from a MK1 to a MK2 front end and don’t swap the latch, you have to reach down and fish around for the latch when opening the hood as the MK1 has a lower profile hood and therefore a shorter hood latch. Vice Versa for the latter. You might have to bend the latch down to clear the hood if you go from a MK2 to a MK1.

The following I have seen come up in a few threads as necessary parts, but are in fact NOT needed.
– Fender liners
– Windshield cowl
– Windshield wipers
– Bumper crash foam

The EASIEST way to do this swap is to find someone with the front end that you want and do a straight trade. It would be even more beneficial to both of you if the cars are the same color. Keep in mind that Ford did change the shade of a few colors between model years. For example, an ’03 focus in egg yolk yellow does not match the Yellow on later years. 

IF you have before and after photos of your swap, send them to james@focusrush.com and we’ll share them here on focusrush.com as well as our social media!