2005 Ford Focus ZXW | 2.0L Duratec | 5-Speed


The Project 7 Ford Focus ZXW Station Wagon was purchased in early 2014 after the sale of P6 from a family in Southern California after a long and exhausting search. I was in search for a ‘unicorn’ of a car. What I was truly hoping for was a 2004+ wagon with a 5-speed manual transmission with cruise control and a sunroof in any color other than gold or silver. Although one would come up for sale from time to time, it had a major flaw that prevented me from moving on it. Salvage title, 200,000+ miles, or an asking price that far exceeded its actual value. I did find one wagon that had everything I wanted and was here in Southern California. I called the owner and said I was on my way with cash in hand. after driving for more than an hour to pick up the car, I recieved a text simply stating: “The car is sold, don’t come”….

After that, I became okay with the idea of not finding the perfect car and I settled on this low mileage ZXW.

The modifications began immediately to transform the car from a simple station wagon, to a car that could blend in at local car shows.



  • Roush Side-skirts
    – Street Appearance Package Front Bumper
    – Tinted Windows
    – Painted roof rack cross-bars
    – Vogtland Springs
    – 2014 Fiesta ST Wheels


  • K&N Fuel Injection Performance Kit (FIPK)
    – Flowmaster Cat-Back Exhaust


  •  Kenwood In-Dash DVD Player with bluetooth and rear-view camera
    – Sony Subwoofer from a 2014 Ford Focus ST with Kenwood amp
    – Added Rear seat map light
    – Wood Flooring in the trunk/cargo area


  • Vogtland Springs
  • KYB Dampners